Moving on

Moving on


The moment we step into the living world,

Relations surround us in which certainly, we don’t have a say;

Some of us get really lucky in this gamble,

Some just have to give in to the fate;


Moving further ahead in life,

New relations we build;

This time the gamble of fate gives us a fair chance,

A chance to find who we desire for, a chance to be thrilled;


In different chapters of life,

We keep playing this bet;

Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose,

Quite often gaining experiences we didn’t expect;


But the ties of these links get loosened,

As we move ahead living each chapter as a tranche;

The constancy of the relations keeps falling,

No more are there expectations to quench;


Conversations get shortened,

With awkward silences always there;

Little details lose importance,

Moments suddenly become too personal to share;


Walking away seems the best solution,

To a problem that’s just there in head;

Avoiding people and questions becomes a basic nature,

As if it’s the only way it could be dealt;


Making lesser friends as we move on

Can be a lesson learnt from the past;

But filtering existing ones from life as we go along,

Is difficult to justify if asked;


Letting go of people and being to oneself as we move along,

Seems to many of us like a phase;

One is justified with this opinion if we can tell ourselves,

“Someday we can be in their place”;


In this theatre called “Dilemmas of life”,

There are many characters playing a part;

Sometimes they make logic win in the climax,

At other times, triumphant in the story is the heart;


Dilemmas surround us every now and then,

Roads ahead are bumpy, not straight;

But decisions have to be taken,

And choices have to be made;


Often the decisions won’t be of our choice,

But of the people that matter to us;

All this while, emotions win over logic,

Heart keeps telling you with every beat, “Baby, adjust!”;


Some dilemmas are not just due to people,

Playing a role here is insecurity;

Compelling us to move in the direction,

Where we start doubting our levels of maturity;


Then there is an important character,

The “fear of future” that clings to us so hard;

You are forced to choose the safest option,

Not picking out the one you desired the most, the fear had it barred;


The master of all, the Brain, with all it’s rationality,

At times becomes the protagonist of the story;

Leading us to measure all consequences on the scale of logic,

Choosing the option that most likely satisfies it’s theory;


The road least taken is where the heart lies,

Here the combined forces of all characters come into play;

A few lucky ones walk down this path,

“The fight for oneself is difficult but worth it”, they say!;


So often I feel it would be so easy to know the right thing to do,

With paths to be walked down having black and white flags on display;

And then I wonder how can I be so infantile,

When I can see the road I need to walk down is itself grey;

That Someone

That Someone

For some, it’s just the first sight,

Or it’s just a moment together,

For some it actually takes a while

to develop those feelings that matter;


For some, it is love

that binds the relation;

For some, trust is the very reason

to start the relation;


For some, it is really easy

to confess their feeling;

For some, It’s a secret

treasured in the heart, always concealing;


For some, it is the phase,

the moments of togetherness that matter;

For some the “fear” overpowers all,

the “fear” of dreams getting shattered;


For some, that someone is perfect,

Perfect even with all foibles and flaws;

For some, that someone is so perfect

that for the “fear”, this perfection is the cause;


For some, that someone is the most important,

What  will happen tomorrow is no concern;

For some, future is always on mind,

How to live in present, they need to learn;


For some, love is to let yourself free,

Restrictions and fetters don’t exist for them;

For some, breaking all norms is a challenge,

Just going with the flow is what they will always condemn;


For some, the feelings are mutual,

Life is not  that complicated;

For some, the very feeling becomes a complication,

when your love is not reciprocated;


For some, it’s just the first sight,

Or it’s just a moment together,

For some it actually takes a while

to develop those feelings that matter;



different phases will come and go,
different people I’ll get to know,
but without my friends, not even for a second will my life have a flow;

when I am low and sad,
when something makes me mad,
I know they have got my back;

when there are secrets to share,
when I have got stories for someone to hear,
I know they will always be there;

when I get that silly overthinking attack,
when the very trust on myself is what I lack,
I know they will get me back on track;

when someone is needed to whom I can speak my heart out,
when even my family is not enough to clear out my doubt,
I know they are there to hear me out loud;

when memories are to be made,
when there are moments I want to create,
I know they won’t ever make me wait;

when nothing has been in my favour for long,
when decisions I take turn out to be wrong,
I know they will be my happy song;

when life feels like a mess,
when a shoulder is needed to release the stress,
I know they will make me feel the best;

when responsibilities will surround,
when with duties we will be bound,
I know they will still be there, wearing their best friends crown;

when all funky will turn to all grey,
when to old age we will become a prey,
I know we will still be laughing together as today;

different phases will come and go,
different people I’ll get to know,
but without my friends lifelines, not even for a second will my life have a flow;

Life and beyond

Life and beyond

Life is a tough riddle,

Rather the toughest of all,

Or it shouldn’t even be placed in this category,

Because riddles can still be solved;


Be it people, be it relations,

Nothing here is ever crystal clear,

Who will leave us when,

There is always a fear;


When we think everything is in our favour,

That very moment life takes a U turn,

Following us no matter where we hide,

Chasing us as far as we run;


Facing the challenges of life,

Won’t ever be easy,

The more you try to come up to the level,

The deeper you keep drowning in the sea;


And then the other side of the same coin,

Death that everyone has to face,

But what will happen to us after that,

It leaves us all in a daze;


Will we land up somewhere else on this planet after death,

Or will we be in places called heaven or hell,

It is yet another mystery,

The answer of which no one could ever tell;


All responsibilities that we had,

All promises that we were keeping all this while,

Everything is left behind when we die,

Even the relations that were more important to us than life;


The pain that people left behind will have to suffer,

That frightens me much more than my death,

Shouldn’t we also take away our memories along with us,

After we take our last breath;


I guess the solutions to these questions,

Would through out be hidden,

Only once when we are set free,

We won’t anymore be doubt-ridden;

Pure Happiness To Me

Pure Happiness To Me
A baby smiling so innocently while asleep,
Me having a cup of coffee and thinking very deep,
Is pure happiness to me;

A full moon illuminating the sky,
My dad flirting with my mom and she feeling shy,
Is pure happiness to me;

My friend’s expression when we are thinking the same thing at the same time,
A baby holding my finger and not letting it go, that very moment and time,
Is pure happiness to me;

A stranger saying hello and passing that beautiful smile,
Seeing someone helping that old man to walk a mile,
Is pure happiness to me;

The look on people’s face while getting a surprise,
Getting a pat on my back from someone wise,
Is pure happiness to me;

Meeting friends and reliving beautiful memories,
Having a walk in the night with that soothing cold breeze,
Is pure happiness to me;

Reading a book so engrossing that I want to finish it in a night,
Finding a belonging that was for long out of sight,
Is pure happiness to me;

Watching the sunset with a sense of accomplishment of a successful day,
Dancing in the rain and being a child all over again,
Is pure happiness to me;

Just not letting the sad, gloomy days affect me from now,
Just remembering that these little things will make me so happy and how,
Will be the purest happiness to me;